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Admittance controle

Admittance control to the NEZ Rallycross Championship the 13th and 14th of august 2016.
The gate opens officially the 12th of august at 3pm. If you arrive before time, You will be assigned a parking space in the paddock, extent the staff is present.
The gate and the area around the farmhouse will be open from Wednesday the 10th of august, so it will be possible to park your vehicles on the ground around the farmhouse, until you get admission to the paddock.
There will be staff present on the racetrack area every day from Tuesday the 9th of august.
There will be handed out an envelope with the entrance tickets in form of bracelets, a P-label for the team car and a P-label for the private car. Everyone must be wearing the bracelets throughout the event.
Only the team car is allowed in the paddock. The area behind the ticket sale are reserved for cars with the P-labels.
It is recommended that you will use the given space in the paddock optimally in order to make space for everybody.
There are waste containers for disposal. Oil, filters, etc. must be submitted to the Environment Depot. There are shovels and buckets to oil contaminated soil at the “Depot-hus”.
For further information please contact the depot staff.
Everyone is encouraged to contribute to keep peace and order in the paddock area.
The paddock area will be locked up during the period from 10pm to the next day at 7am.
In absolute emergency please contact Kaj Storgaard +45 40 80 48 12. We look forward to welcome You to Nysum racetrack 2016. Motorsport North Jutland.


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